Anal A Girls Bestfriend

Sometimes a woman just needs a big fat cock in her ass. She needs a man to come up from behind her grab her by the neck and tell her how much he wants her and is going to use her. I love it when you bite my body too showing me you are letting the beast out. It gets my pussy wet, so wet you use it to get my ass juicy for you hard cock. All I want is for you to bend me over and shove your hard cock in my, reminds me of how my daddy used to fuck me. He used to come in my room at night and lick my ass until I squirmed, then he would shove his big man meat in me. The first time it hurt but after so many times it felt so good, I wanted more and more. I would lay there and then start bouncing my ass back and I didn’t stop until he would bite me and I felt his cum start filling my ass up. Since then, I need a hard cock inside my ass.Anal cum dumpster

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