A whore’s gotta do what a whore’s gotta do

phone sex slutsI was stuck in a strange place last night, I had gone to meet some friends at a party but I guess I got lost cus I ended up at a party where I didn’t know anyone. I was a little drunk so I really didn’t even know where I was or how I would get home, I didn’t even have my phone so no one could get a hold of me anyway I had to depend on the strangers I was with. Luckily, there were a ton of guys there willing to help a bitch out and all I had to do was suck their cocks. Well, a whore’s gotta do what a whore’s gotta do so I sank right down to my knees and started sucking dicks. I was a little overwhelmed cus there were so many of them but I’m always up for a challenge! I swallowed more cumloads than I could count but they stayed true to their word and got my drunk ass home safely so it was all worth it!

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