A “special” kind of worthless.

druggy phone sex

I called my daddy today. “Go away, you druggie slut. I have a good life with my new wife. Call your whore mama for help.” he said and hung up. So I called Mama and she said, “I cleaned my life up and I’m going to church now. Go away.” and another click. So I called one of my connections. “Aurora, my dear, come on over. I have plenty of what you need.”
So I went over. The place was buzzing with action. Skip was a pimp and a dealer. He sent me to a back room where a client was waiting. He was masked and his cock was already hard. I had serviced him before. He was an evil man who got off on inflicting pain. He pinched and pummeled. He pulled out clumps of hair. He left bruises. He liked his sex rough. Driving his cock into a dry asshole got him off. So did ramming his cock down your throat until you puked. It took him hours to cum but when he did, as soon as his cock started pulsing, he liked to punch a girl repeatedly until he shot every drop of his load. He did pay well for the service though.
I smiled at him and said, “Bring it.” I am a woman without feelings, unwanted, empty, higher than a kite on drugs, and most of all, I just love being a human punching bag and a cum dumpster. It really gets me off. At least this way I have a purpose in life. Make me feel, lover, even if it’s just pain.

nasty phone sex

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