A party train

drunk girl fucking

I can hardly wait for the weekend. I want to be the drunk girl fucking everyone. I want cocks galore. I like to get high and bounce on cock after cock. The feeling of being drunk is the best. I like to have sloppy sex. I want an orgy. I want orgasm after orgasm. Shots after shots. I want to be fucked by guys that I don’t even know.

I bend over and get a  cock rammed up my holes. I don’t even get a glimpse of who is in me. It is kind of a hot thing to do. Knowing you might be out in public one day and someone recognizes you as the fucked up girl at that one party that let everyone run a train on her, and she doesn’t even have any recollection of the situation. Wow, I’m so wet thinking about all the possibilities. I’m one cum loving cock fucking slut. I won’t ever be a girl who turns down a good time.

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