A mountain drive in the Fall

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Fall is my favorite time of year. I like to take long drives and think about shit, you know? Well, yesterday I was out and about checking out the color from the leaves changing when I decided to stop at a gas station, I hadn’t seen one for 15 miles or so, so in the store I went. There was a strapping guy, he had the farmer look, staring back from behind the counter at me. Anyone that knows me knows that I love strapping young guys, and farmers and I’m always ready for a good fuck. I asked him if he could come out and take a look at something under my hood. But, really it was just an excuse to try and get in his pants. As he was bent over peering into the engine, I knelt down and whispered in his ear that I’d like to repay him. He surprised me when he stood up straight almost immediately and practically drug me back inside the store to a back room. He wasted no time going at it, he gave that cock to me good and hard, just the way that I like it.

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