A Masturbation Show

dirty phone sexSome high baller had rented out the entire club for a bachelor party. Bachelor parties are great. They typically throw around lots of cash and buy lots of booze. If you’re lucky there is also lots of pot and coke too. The night started out as they always do. The entire bachelor party was shit faced and throwing money around to the girls to get lap dances and some private room action as well. Bottles were being tossed around and lots and lots of shots. As the evening went on one of the groomsmen asked if he could buy the groom a little one on one action behind closed doors. Hell, yeah, he can, just pass me that credit card honey. So, me and another girl headed into the private area with him and a few of the guys. As we prepared to start some dancing the groom said he had a special request. Sure honey, it is your money after all. He didn’t want a blow job, not a hand job, not a titty fuck, not an ass fuck, nor a pussy fuck. This guy wanted to watch me, and the other girl masturbate while he watched. That was new and different but hey it was easy. So, we each took turns stripping down and masturbating with our hands, dildos and vibrators until we orgasmed. He never touched us, not once. When we were through, he handed out a nice tip and they left. Only bachelor party I have ever been to that I haven’t left as a complete cum dumpster.

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