A fix and A Dick

gangbang whore

They call me gangbang whore for a reason. Sometimes all I need is a fix and some dicks. Yes plural, I can never say just one dick! Tight whore holes need lots of big loads to fill them up. Creamy, dripping, whore holes for the ultimate pleasure. No condoms and no birth control ever! A Bareback whore galore! In high school I was the girl to take on the whole football team, for a price of course. Rich Jock types always had some good weed and cash for me to flash my ass and suck a dick or two! Football players taught me about rough sex, and being calling dirty names as  I performed sexual acts. Basketball players taught me about stamina and how to blow a cock until they almost cum and get a load blown in my ass. And the wrestling team was just sadistic! I learned to be a human pretzel and how much of  pain slut I was with them fucking me. Baseball players always wanted alone time and they paid the best, and they were the ones who were shy about cock size. Like i fucking cared, i like being bottomed out like the next girl, but sucking a smaller dick is so fucking easy! I have some good shit right now do you want to stroke your dick while we get high? I have lots of toys and fingers to fuck my self as  I tell my gangbang sex stories!

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