A Dirty Fuck to Remember

golden showers sexI can’t get anything done today, all I seem to be able to do is think about last night. You warned me I would feel your cock in my cunt for days and I do still feel you. My pussy is still deliciously full feeling, completely used and abused. I can still feel your piss running down my body, in my hair, the taste. I love being pissed on and baby you really gave me a golden shower to remember. Oh God, I can still feel the way your cock pulsated against my pussy lips, the way I was quivering around your big dick. Fuck, I have never been banged so fucking hard. Did you like the taste of my asshole? I loved the feeling of your tongue pushing deep inside like you were trying to scoop out my scat. And when you opened your mouth wide and sucked my whole cunt in your mouth like you were trying t drain me of my pussy juice. All I know is we need to fuck again and very very soon. I am prepared to beg for it!

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