A Chaturbate Show

dirty phone sexI was recently turned on to Chaturbate. I am a hustler so I am always looking for some easy money and I don’t mind using my body to get it. Last night I logged on and immediately had a request to put on a pair of thigh highs and zoom that camera in on my tight little ass hole. Then it got fun. He would list objects he wanted to see me stick in my ass. The weirder the object the higher my tips went. He requested all of the typical objects, dildos, vegetable and hair appliances, but then he wanted to see if I could sit all the way down on my bedpost. My bedpost is rather large, and I was hesitant but when the money came pouring in, I figured what the hell. I lubed that pole up really good and had so much lube in my tight ass that it was leaking out. I started slow and lowered myself a little at a time. It was so big and was stretching my sweet hole out, but it also felt so fucking good. I could feel my pussy getting so wet and as I lowered myself, I started playing with my nipples. I continued taking it inch by inch until by ass was completely full. I was so damn horny by then that I just stayed there and started playing with my clit and pinching my nipples, bringing myself to an orgasm as I ass fucked that bedpost. They loved it and my viewers doubled and the tips into the thousands. I told them to gather their money and come back tomorrow for another hot show.

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