Private Dance

Black girl phone sex

I’m Carmel, and I make a ton of money shaking my beautiful, black ass. Yes, I’m a stripper. When I hit the stage the money hits  me like a tsunami. When my big ass bounces it can put you in a hypnotic trance.
I love to give private dances in the champagne room. If you give me a big enough tip, I can get really freaky. I know it’s against the rules, but I love sucking  and fucking. You’ll love the way my tongue dances around your hard cock. It’s amazing how deep down I can take a dick into my throat. Just picture my head bobbing up and down, faster and faster. I’ll stop because I don’t want you to come…not until you fuck my tight, wet pussy. Let me ride your hard dick. Watch me rock my body back and forth, making my big titties bounce. You know you want this ebony booty. Let me please you. I’m a dirty girl, with a dirty mind. Let me show you.


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  1. Dennis

    You can use my pole anytime baby. Show me how well that tongue dances.

  2. Mikhail

    My little chocolate drop, can’t fucking wait to cum back for more! Next time, I get to do the eating… 😀

  3. Jasper

    Oh yeah baby, If i was you id be fucking erebody.

  4. Tyler

    Sit that juicy ass right on my hard cock!

  5. Nathan

    I need to cum to your club

  6. Deyon

    Hot ass bitch right here!

  7. Dan

    I’m ready to go in that champagne room with you!

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