I love eating cum

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Besides being a complete butt slut, I love eating cum. And being the gangbang queen of coke whores I get so much fucking cum! I love when You have other stripper whores take the cum I push from my puckered ass hole and then feed it to me. Oh, Fuck yes. I am a nasty coked out whore the more I party with you the fucking nastier I get. Line after line feed me more cum. I need salty ropes of cum stringing from my mouth to yours and other whores. Open My ass and watch the cum flow from my cunt and ass! Dripping down my thighs as I walk the streets. Oh, fuck yes, I have no limits I even fuck my brother and daddy. Cum find out how much I can take! Shove your cock down my throat as 5 men battle for my holes! 

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