Flo the hoe’s BBC sex stories

BBC sex storiesTonight I have some BBC sex stories on my mind. I think I should call one of these massively hung cocks over to destroy my ass and cunt. I’ve never seen a cock bigger than a big black cock. They are clearly superior in every way. I love BBC because they always leave me absolutely gaping wide open after a proper fucking. I feel so used up afterward, and during I can literally feel my cunt stretching and doing it’s best to take such a big fucking cock. He will make me beg for it. And when he is about to cum he will make me beg for his nigger cum. Sometimes he blows a load all over my face Other times I get a huge creampie in my cunt and shithole. I always beg for more and more of that real man cum and dick, and sometimes I get what I want and end up leaving with my holes destroyed. They are fucked wide open, gapping and dripping warm thick cum. I am useless after some BBC and I will always be a whore for the best cock there is for a trashy bitch like me.


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  1. Marcus

    Babygirl you choke on my cock better than any slut.

  2. Richard

    You are such a nasty whore.

  3. Mark

    You a nasty slut, my dick hard reading this.

  4. Devon

    Every brother needs a white skanky whore to take his BBC

  5. bigblackdick

    I got a big black cock for you baby

  6. Hank

    Damn, you can handle some BBC

  7. norman

    you are such a trashy whore

  8. Seth

    I am so fucking horny for you right now.

  9. Hung

    Damn, you a trashy old bag, I’d bang you good

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