Anal sex whoreBouncing up and down on a big hard cock right after snorting a long line of snow white cocaine is my idea of a perfect night. Don’t you want that experience, too? Can’t you picture my beautiful big titties bouncing in your face? I could make you the happiest man on this wonderful blue planet. All I need for you to do is get me high as the sky. I have two favorite things in this life: cocaine and cock. Get me high and I’ll let you have any hole that you desire. And yes, I’m talking about anal. Give me a bump of nose candy, and I’ll put my ass in the air and my face in the mattress. I’ll spread my ass cheeks and then you can spit on my asshole before shoving your hard dick inside. I’ll do anything to make you happy. You Only Live Once and I’ll try anything twice. And I say twice because maybe the first time I didn’t like it is because I didn’t do it right.

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