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phone sex line deannaI’m feeling pretty good about my job and life in general when I get a visit from the manager of the club. He tells me the owner isn’t happy with his decision to promote me. They think a lowly stripper cant efficiently assist in managing. I ask him what I need to do in order to keep this job. He tells me I’m going to have to qualify for it the old fashioned way. As most women do, I’m gonna have to sleep my way to the top!
I’m really not finding a problem with that. Since I’m not stripping nightly, I am not getting nearly as much cock as before, and I am really pretty fucking horny! I had met the owner once before. I would have to fantasize about some other stud, because he really wasn’t all that, but I could handle it. The manager tells me they are waiting outside my door. They? I thought the club was owned by one person? It is, but his two sons help him make all business decisions, you tell me.
He opens the door to the fat, balding owner of the club, and two of the most gorgeous hunks to ever make entrance into my office. No small talk is exchanged. They simply walk in and tell me to get out of my clothes and show them how much I want this job. Out of my clothes, and onto my knees, I find the first of the three cocks I will service this night shoved in my face. Even though its the Daddy of the two and not the hottest of men, I am impressed with the size and girth of his cock. Unceremoniously, he pushed that thick cock into my mouth. I am happy to suck on this fat sausage, but he quickly slams it into the back of my throat, making me gag. The two sons only laugh as he skull fucks me to the point of my nearly passing out. The oldest son lays down and I crawl on top of him, still having Daddy’s cock crammed into my throat. I lower myself onto an even larger cock than the one that is in my throat. My pussy is dripping so it goes inside me easily, filling me up. Not to be left out, and not even giving me a chance to establish a rhythm between the two cocks I am handling, the younger son comes behind me and begins fingering my back door. With a dick in my mouth and in my pussy, and a finger in my ass, I am in heaven. Only a minute passes before he removes his finger from my ass and replaces it with his large cock. Oh my God! At this point, he easily has the largest tool ever to be shoved into my little asshole, and it isn’t even able to stretch fully due to the cock filling my pussy. I feel as if I am being split in two! The three take no mercy and I barely hang on to consciousness as they use all of my holes. Finally, I feel as if my ass has opened enough to accommodate the intrusion and the pain is being replaced by pleasure. I have no idea how long I was fucked back and forth between these three cocks. Once the pain became pleasure, I came the hardest I had ever come in my life! The three didn’t slow down. They had amazing stamina and I vaguely remember them changing places. Through my brain fog, I’m not even sure who ended up where. I must have actually passed out after my orgasm because the next thing I remember I was waking up on the couch of my office. I was still nude and my body was covered with cum. On my desk, I find a paper with a short note.
Enjoy the promotion. Same time next week!
This was the first gang bang for me, but it looked like it would not be the last. I must admit, I am looking forward to next week. Damn, just how big of a cock slut am I?

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