White Trash Phone Sex and the Lot Lizard Whore

white trash phone sex

The icy winter roads had turned to dirty slush and trucks pulled steadily into the Greasy Skillet Truckstop. There was money to be made and I wasn’t too proud to do it. Scores of frostbit, cold, and lonely truckers were waiting for a warm body to melt the cumsicles hanging off their balls. As soon as my waitress shift ended, I would be joining the other lot lizards that serviced our truck village. At $20 a pop for a blowjob, a girl could supplement her pay nicely being a white trash phone sex whore. 

lot lizard sex
I climbed up into the truck. He was huge, like a polar bear, with icy blue eyes. “Hurry up, whore. I aint got all night.” His pants were wide open, revealing a nub of a pecker. I stifled a giggle but he heard me. His big hand shot across the cab, pulling me to him. I was face down on his lap, his little poker right in my face. He smelled bad, like beer and decay. Grinding my face into his penis, he grabbed my neck harder, choking me. I licked frantically, trying to pull the miniscule dong into my mouth. I felt his grubby hand run up my thigh, push into my panties, as he began to roughly finger-fuck my dry cunt.
“You like that cock, don’t you whore? Tell me you like it.” His fat hips were frantically pumping as I fish-lipped his penis nipple. I thought I’d puke but I knew I’d be dead. I stroked his tiny nutsac with a finger, trying to help him out. Sperm bubbled out of him like a blown geyser. He screamed and yelled, spurting helplessly. So much freaking cum for such a tiny cock. It was foul, like spoiled cream, and I let the jizz stringers drool down my chin to drip on the floor. No way was I swallowing that shit.
I climbed out of that truck, $20 in hand, realizing that I needed another $480 to pay the rent this month. That means I need another 24 cocks tonight to make my quota and another 12 after that to pay the utilities. It’s just another day in the life of a white trash whore. Ready for some lizard lovin’? It’s time to play and we’re open 24 hours.

trashy milf


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