White trash Locker Room Fuck

white trash phone sex

White trash phone sex locker room Train! 

Just call me the whore on duty after the football team has a long practice! Then men ran long and hard and were in top form today and guess what. 

Coach told me to hit the showers! I need you to reward the men for doing such a good job for me! “You all are going to need long hot showers, you’re going to be sore after that practice, but your personal Trainer is ready to rub out anything you need!” The coach yelled to the team!

I’m standing in the sauna with sweat already pouring down my body. I have been rented as a motivation and stress relief for all of these eleven jocks!  The first two I had to help undress with my mouth tracing young tight muscled bodies. Soon cocks sprang to life for my mouth. It was only this gangbang whore and all hunky hanging cocks of almost a dozen athletes. How I survived being passed around like a pigskin and pounded as hard as they each dared, I will never know.  

But I sure had a hell of a time! 

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    • Maximillian on June 12, 2022 at 12:24 pm
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    A sauna fuck sesh will drain you of your fluids. Don’t forget to hydrate.

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