What I did for a Klondike bar!!!

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We’d been fucking at his trailer all day when we took a break. Sitting in the kitchen drinking a Milwaukee’s Best beer together, I was feeling fine. I’d been trying to get with him for a long time but he had this girlfriend that he was obsessed with. Everyone in our small town had heard the stories about this gangsta freak. She wasn’t even allowed to go to the bathroom alone. She got tired of his weird ways and kinky sex, I guess, and took off with someone else.

“I’ve got a treat for you.” he said, reaching into the freezer as we smoked a joint.  He brought out a container filled with what looked like chocolate covered bananas. He carried it back into the bedroom with us. We were higher than kites and fucking like bunnies when he brought out one of the treats. I felt him rub it against my pussy and slide it into my battered asshole. It felt so good and cooling. I arched to take more as he alternately fucked my shithole with the frozen dildo and his hot cock.

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He grabbed me by the hair and forced my mouth to his dick. His Kentucky blacksnake was long and thick. One taste and I knew it wasn’t ice cream. It was shit. He was fucking me with frozen shit!!! I could feel the thawed shit sliding down the backs of my thighs as he rammed his dick into my mouth. I knew immediately that it was his girlfriend’s shit. He really was obsessed with her. I was getting my first taste of a Kentucky Klondike bar and I was loving it. A normal girl would be puking, but not me. I am the total potty play girl.  I slurped every bit of her poop off his cock as he creamed into my mouth, calling out her name.

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We are still together and we often enjoy one of Latisha’s tasty treats with a cold beer. It makes for some hot and sloppy sex. We’ve started freezing some of mine too, for later.  What would YOU do for a Klondike bar?

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