Want To Be My Sugar Daddy?

dirty phone sexHe hired me off backdoor and cashapped a big load of cash for a weekend on the beach. A plane ticket arrived and another cash dump for some hot ass clothes and pampering. This is exactly the type of John I like. I headed to the salon for some waxing, manicure and pedicure and of course to have my hair done. Then I proceeded to that fun shop for some hot ass lingerie and toys. I didn’t pass up the opportunity for some sexy clothes either as his cash seemed limitless.

I packed a bag and headed to the airport, first class of course, and was on my way. I arrived and a driver drove me to the gated community and a concierge took my bags and walked me to the condo. He opened the door, and the view was incredible. Presents on the counter and champagne chilled. I ate a little and drank a little and did a few lines and changed in a hot bathing suit to lounge by our private pool. I heard the door open and turned around to see this hot ass older man standing. My pussy jumped a bit at the prospect of this sugar daddy. The things I did to him that weekend were kinky and hot. I bet you would like to be my sugar daddy too, wouldn’t you?

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