Wanna drink?

drunk phone sex

I adore the days when I get a call for some drunk phone sex. I will down a bottle of cheap vodka and become a messy drunk on the phone. Slurring my words, getting lost during conversations as I think about hard cocks, licking my lips as I fanaticize about wet cunts.  I lose all sense of time and awareness as my brain becomes wired to my pussy and all I can think about is having it filled and fucked. Once I hang up the phone I will go to the nearest trailer in search of some hunk of man meat to fulfill my needs. There always seems to be a man nearby who will happily help a girl in need. He will run his greasy fingers up and down my snatch before plunging them inside to make sure that I am ready to accept his dick. I brace myself on the back of the couch as I feel him rubbing that purple helmet up and down my slit before plunging it all the way in. This is no love making session, it is a pure, animalistic rut with a neighbor who has the body part I needed. He grabs onto my skinny hips as he slaps his hips into mine fucking me harder and harder until I cum and scream out. He won’t slow down for a minute as his balls slap against my clit as he dumps his baby batter into my awaiting snatch. I will then slink back home and go to bed happily playing with my spunk filled pussy until I nod off into a drunk induced dream cycle.

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