Vibrating Our Way Into Ecstasy!

Hookers for hireAnother satisfied customer yet again of course! Your favorite in town whores always know how to please and give their customers exactly what they want. A satisfied customer means you will always have a call back for a reoccurring play time session. Me and my girls always know how to fuck and suck the nut right out of any cock we have in-front of us.

Today our customer wanted to tie us up and use a vibe on our sweet little clits. We came all over and squirted over and over again. Our customer Dave was stroking his cock hard for us as he watched us squirm and jolt with each climax. The first time he blew a load he made sure to spray it all over the both of us. We laid back and kept cumming for a while until he was ready for round 2.

He took the vibe off us and made me eat my friend’s cunt as he plowed my ass hole from behind. He dumped his nut in my shitter and made me squat over her face and push all that cum into her mouth. She swallowed up all that cum like a good bitch and was so ready to be pumped full of cum next. When he was ready to cum again he put her on top and pounded her pussy out real good until he came again. 

She laid back and I lapped up her sweet hole and swallowed all that cum. He wasn’t done yet; he wanted us to cum and squirt some more. He attached the wand back to our clits and watched us struggle through each climax. Our clits were so sensitive we couldn’t handle much more. He came another 3 times though; he made sure we were covered in spunk. We looked like the perfect pair of trailer park cum whores!

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