Use me as a Toilet.

scat phone sex

I’ve a little something “special” for you. How about a hot, willing mouth ready to drink your piss and lick your filthy asshole. Spread those butt cheeks, lover, and let me smell the secrets within. I see some sticky poop and bits of toilet paper stuck to your puckered shit squirter. Allow me to be your toilet tissue and expertly clean up that mess. And while I’m at it, how about a prostate massage? Oh, you didn’t use an enema first? That’s ok. I love the anal leakage and when I pull my shitty finger out of your cesspool, I’ll just suck it clean.
Maybe you prefer a toilet. Golden showers, anyone? I’ll suck your dirty cock dry and let you finish off by emptying your full bladder right into my eager mouth. I love kidney lemonade and the feel of the warm yellow burst in my mouth. If my mouth overflows, just piss all over my face and tits. I will beg for more.
I do as I’m told and I need a man who will always put me last. Allow me to clean up any mess. I’ll even suck your cock after you fucked a woman on her period. I’m a skanky ‘ho and I’ll do anything to keep you coming back for more.

toilet sex


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