Two Whores for Momma’s Friends

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I finally met someone who is a total whore just like me. Her name is Cassandra and she works on Fuckaliciousfreaks. We love hanging out together because we know we are going to have so much fun. Cassandra’s daddy was the one who showed her how to be a complete whore. My momma doesn’t even know who my daddy is so I had to learn from her. But our family taught us well! Now we are well trained whores. I asked Cassandra if she wanted to come over to my house. All my mom’s friends were coming over and I knew all her friends would be all over us. Momma always had a taste for tall men with huge cocks. When Cassandra and I walked in, we were in cock heaven. Of course, Momma welcomed us in and we immediately got down on our knees and starting sucking. Momma told us that she had eight more guys coming. Cassandra and I couldn’t wait to meet all of Momma’s friends!

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