Truckstop whores, Aurora and Adina, get nasty.

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I punched that little whore Adina right in the tits. She just thought she was moving in on my business. She may be younger but I am the head bitch around here and its time she knows.
When Adina first started working with me, I fucking hated her. She was young, blonde, and delicious. It’s hard enough being an older whore without her kind working here. It took a crazy experience for me to realize that she and I could make so much money together. She was giving a shower blow job when I heard her scream. I knew she liked playing rough but this was different. I kicked open the shower room door and found a fat trucker choking the life from her. His massive hard-on was sticking straight up. I told him to let her go and he refused, ignoring me. I kicked him right in the balls and he howled, grabbing his clothes and running out.

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She was barely conscious as I held her. She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and I melted. She pulled me down for a kiss and I didn’t resist. Her pink lips were so soft. I felt her reach up under my skirt and touch my pussy. “I want to eat you.” she whispered, stroking my pussy lips. I had never had a lesbian experience and I was mesmerized as she went down on me. To thank her, I shared some meth with her and she loved it.
Now we work this place together as a duo. More men means more drugs for us. Being the submissive whores we are, we enjoy men who love to degrade us and call us sluts and whores while we suck their cocks and put on 2 girl shows. Truckstop blondes definitely have more fun!! Come use us as human cum dumpsters and treat us like the trash we are.

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