Trips, drugs and orgy’s

drunk sex porn

   I’m fucked up right now. I have been drinking all night and I just came down from acid but I mean what would I do with out stripping and phone sex? Because I wouldn’t be able to afford my drugs or alcohol. Anyways I just had to get on and write this because I have to tell you how my night went. If it turns you on fucking great. Lets fuck. If not you can suck a dick because I really don’t give a shit.

Last night I was getting off my shift all my friends and fuck buddies met up at the club we all popped a tab of acid of course and had the best trip. We danced, made out it was a fucking great vibe we all got horny and went to my girls house and started drinking and getting so fucked up we had recorded and pictures of all of us fucking and having a big orgy. Video and pictures were all there on our go pro and phones it was insane. I couldn’t even remember anything I was so proud of how much cum I could take in my mouth, how many dicks I could ride and take, and how much pussy I could eat and get them to squirt. I think I’m still fucked up from last night, cant you tell?I might be white trash but I bet I do it better then all them other hoes. Lets trip together and let me get you off.

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