Trashy Entrepreneurs

phone sex line evonneBJ and I are two whores from the trailer park. She has been fucking her slumlord for a long time for that piece of shit place she has and I have been fucking every Tom, Dick and Harry that I can get my hands on to pay rent in this crappy ass recycled Budweiser can. I was driving downtown in my beat up car when I saw this place with a for rent sign. Two stories, fancy as fuck and the perfect place to start my own slutty ass business. I wrote down the number with a plan in mind. I wasn’t sure it would work but what the hell it was worth a try. I called the number and set up a meeting with the owner of the property and then called BJ. I told her to meet me there 30 minutes early, dress nice and I would explain once we got there. She was right on time and I explained the plan. I wanted to try to seduce the property owner and work out a trade for rent. We would both live there and we would set up several rooms for a web cam business. We would have our little crack whores come in and work for us for their drugs. The property owner would have his fill of fucking and sucking from any of us and free access to our web site. BJ and I could live large if this worked out and leave our crappy ass life behind. Of course you can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.live phone sex bj

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