Trash In The Bathroom Stall

I am the dirty white trash that is in the public bathroom stall. Of course, I do not go into the woman’s stall, no. I head straight for the men’s bathroom. I know which public place to go to find the men I am looking for. I want the freaky nasty men who will know how to treat me like the cum guzzling, dirty white trash whore that I am. As soon as you open that stall up, you will look into my eyes and see that I am ready to have a mouthful of your hard thick cock. Dirty phone sexRape my whore throat until I am gagging and overflowing at the mouth, letting my spit drip down your shaft and to your sweaty balls. Grab me by my hair and thrust yourself down deeper into my throat. When you see I have had enough I want you to force my head down to your sweaty balls and make me clean you all up, licking your sweaty balls and my spit combined will only make my clit throb and my pussy drip. I will be begging you to let me be your Cum dumpster. When we are done, leave me like the little fucking whore I am. I will sit there alone watching your cum drip out of my swollen slutty pussy. Make sure you bring a friend next time. The more holes that fill me up the better.

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