Toilet sex with Aurora

toilet sex

I was waiting in the bathroom when you walked in. My desire for scat phone sex filthiness drives me to do this. You see, I have this craving for things that other girls find disgusting. The aroma of the toilet is like an aphrodisiac, flooding over me and making my pussy twitch. I lick the rim of it, tasting the urine of a hundred cocks lingering there. I dip my finger in the water and taste it, hoping for a little residue of what makes my engine purr. Eagerly, I lie in wait, hoping the next man to enter won’t deny me. I want to be his toilet tissue, lapping at the creamy deposits of his asshole, drinking in his cock nectar. Make me your human urinal. I’ll unzip your pants, holding your cock over my lower lip as you feed me. If your cock gets hard, that’s even better as I love semen and urine mixed together. Push out that mass in your rectum and then bend over, allowing me to service you. I will gently clean every wrinkle on your puckered asshole. I’ve been this way ever since I was a girl. One of my mom’s boyfriends introduced me to scat play. I hated it at first. It made me vomit and he would force me to lick it all back up. After retching in the toilet a few times, I found that I liked the taste of shit. At times he would fuck me in the ass and make me eat my own filth. My craving became a desire and then an addiction as I searched out ways to get the ass candy I wanted. I needed it like a drug. Soon after, my mom found out and kicked me out. I was forced to live on the street, still searching for that elusive shit lover who was looking for me, too. So here I sit on the toilet. I know you’ll be here soon and you’ll love this as much as I do.

pissing sex

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