Toilet Play for World Water Day.

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World Water Day is always a fun day for me. As you know, the bathroom is my favorite room in the house. Conserving water makes that even more fun. Why flush when you have a human urinal waiting with her mouth open for your liquid hydration. It’s much more fun to stick your cock in my hot, piss slurping piehole than some ceramic throne, isn’t it? Plus I lick you all nice and clean, right after I get a chaser of creaming cum!!!

And if you need to take a steaming dump, allow me to service you afterward. It takes gallons of our natural resources to flush that filthy toilet tissue when it is so easily solved by letting me gently but firmly lick every wrinkle on that puckered ass clean. Mmmm, I love the taste and I bet you get a stiff cock from my tongue probing your sensitive poop hole and the back side of your nut sac.

Every Day is World Water Day for me!!! You’ll find me waiting in that public restroom. All you gotta do is ask me for my help. Make a girl wet and the whole world a little wetter!!!

toilet sex

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