This is Your Year

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Do you want to fuck my tight puckered ass this morning and make me feel so damn good? I want to let you take control this new year you can do whatever you want there are no hang-ups or taboos as far as I’m concerned. And this year you can have cum guzzling creamy sex just how you truly desire it, and I don’t want you to hold back at all not one bit. Whatever you’re nasty cravings are I want your cock to drizzle from making them come true. Your body needs the fantasy that it craves for you to get out of control and feel the very best you can, after all, this is not the year of subpar satisfaction this is the year of complete sexual freedom. You know that your fully loaded cock is special you know that you deserve to feel just like a man exhausted from pleasure. Don’t cheat yourself any longer you deserve to be treated like a sexual star. I believe in complete joy I believe in Ultimate satisfaction I believe in more than fun I believe in fantastic fanatical fun. This is a new year it’s your time become who you are a cum unloading dick pleased satisfied man. You need hot nasty freaky lot lizard cum dumpsters for 2019, bitches that will have you shooting sperm everywhere. I am definitely one of those cum dumpster whores who is sure to please call me now. I can show you just how good life is on the wild side. I will bet you good money that I will be your best fuck for the new year. My pussy is always wet and steaming hot, and you can be sure that I am still in the mood. I love eating a dick and swallowing loads of cum. The best part of me is I can’t wait for you to spray me down with your Jimmy Juice.

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