This Cum Dumpster Cums With A Price

cum dumpster phone sex evonneThe girls brought him home last night. We worked his ass over good, fucking him inside and out. he loved having three hot wet pussies all over him at once. He got more then his monies worth out of my little sluts and the bonus was my hot wet pussy joining in. We were so full of his fucking cum by the end of the night that we really were cum dumpsters. Our cunts were full of it, our bellies were full of it, our asses were over flowing, even our hair was full of his cum. He was so happy that he took us all out to eat breakfast. Stopping at the ATM to get some money I slid up behind him. Seeing the amount of money this old coot really had made me cum right there in my panties. I silently went back to the car, he never even knew I was looking over his shoulder. Sliding into the front seat  I barely gave him time to turn the key before I was bent over and sucking his cock. The girls in the back seat leaned over and kissed his neck and sucked his ears while I worked his cock. All the while purring about how I couldn’t get enough of his dick and what a great lover he was. Wrapping him around my little finger was going to be fun. Milking him dry was going to be easy.

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