Their Dad Was Hot

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He hired me to be a nanny for the summer. I interviewed with the wife, and she was nice enough and the money was good and what better way to spend the summer then by the pool. I arrived my first day and as she left, she told me her husband would be in the office as he works from home and would be out in a little bit to introduce himself. I fed the little one’s breakfast and we changed for the pool. As I was walking to the back door this hot ass hunk walked through the kitchen. I assumed it was some other type of help, but it was the husband. He smiled and introduced himself and headed back to his office. As me and the young ones laid by the pool, I started thinking about him. I hadn’t been fucked in a bit and was horny as hell. The young ones were getting along fine so I excused myself to the house for a bit. I made a wrong turn into his office and stood in front of him in my skimpy bikini. He just smiled as I walked towards him. I kicked his legs apart and reached in for a kiss as I straddled him. He was hard as a rock as I grinded into him. He grabbed my hair and threw me on my stomach onto the desk and pulled my bottoms down. Want to hear how hot it got after that?

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