The Tighter The Fuck, The Higher The bucks

Live Phone SexIt is just about time for the annual office party at my bosses house!

I remember last year when I brought my friend and we took turns fisting her virgin ass really hard!

We were all so fucked up and wasted!

But this year, my boss suggested we bring our brats!

Most people would think that is nice of him but he knows that my little pre-slut is a really hot fuck and he has used that tiny bald hole to dump his load more than once!

I know how much he enjoys watching me slide my tongue between those tight velvet soft pussy lips…getting that mini fuck hole ready to stretch around a giant hard cock!

I have seen his cock rise when he watches her wiggle her tight little ass on stage and I know he is thinking about how snug it would be to force his meat in her pretty pink puckered hole!

But he is not fucking my pre-whore for free!

I mean, the tighter the fuck the higher the bucks!

Well, unless I get wasted again and then anything goes!


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