The Sex Show

Druggy phone sexI went to a wild party last night and I had a really good time. The music was pumping and the drugs were flowing. Ecstasy and cocaine are a wonderful combination. Once again, I’m the first girl to take off my top. I’m always the life of the party. Soon more girls were topless and the men were in paradise. There was even a contest for best tits, and I won 1st-place. The night ended with a three-way between me and a naughty couple. He was sexy but his girlfriend was hotter. I put my face between her legs and ate her pussy while he fucked me from behind. She tasted so sweet as I lapped my tongue against her clit. He pounded me hard and fast causing his balls to slap my bald cunt. Oh and I forgot to mention, there was a room full of people watching our show. There’s nothing more exciting than fucking in front of an audience. Best party ever.

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