The Driver Picked Me Up

dirty phone sexHe likes me in black. He hires me as a temp at his firm at least once a month. I got the call last night, so I prepared for him. He likes me clean, like really clean. Soft and easily accessible. My body was on fire for him as I slipped into my lace black thong and matching corset. Black thigh highs and a short tight black dress and heels finished my look. He had a driver pick me up and sitting on the seat was a beautiful blue bag with a marvelous necklace inside. He must be really horny today and I couldn’t wait.

The driver dropped me off and I went upstairs to check in. She sent me directly to his office and told me he would be in shortly. I decided to surprise him and took off all my clothes except the necklace he had just bought me and laid on the couch, spread and ready for him. The feel of the leather on my back and the air conditioner blowing on my cunt overcame me and I started rubbing my pussy. As I was about to push my finger deep inside the door opened and there he was. Let me take care of that babe he said as he walked over, pushed my legs open and buried his face between my legs.

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