Tempted By Sinful Sweetness

We had some bible thumpers knock on our door Saturday morning wanting to invite us to their church service the next day.

It had been a long shift the night before and I probably still smelled of booze and cum and as they peeked in the door of my Live Phone Sexdoublewide, they could see my little one passed out with her final cock of the night still hanging out of her little mouth!

I almost shut the door in their faces but the preacher pushed the door open as he passed through with his cock growing by the second!

He was fixated on my pre-whore and talking about how the sweet young thing needed saving!

I think the girl was still half a sleep when she reached up and latched on to his cock and started tearing through his pants to get to it. It was like she was a cum starved demon and she needed his load to survive!

He was trying to hold her away at first as he raised his crucifix to her forehead and then she wrapped her tiny little lips around his hard cock and began sucking the godly seed from his balls!

He held his bible in the air and was screaming to the heavens, “Bless this brat, Oh Lord!”

But as soon as she climbed up on his throbbing cock, wrapped her tiny legs around him and lowered her pretty pink bald pussy down, consuming his cock is sinful sweetness, he gave into temptation and fucked that baby girl pussy like he was fucking the devil himself!

His holy cum blasted into her possessed pussy, mixing forces of good and evil to cultivate inside her tiny womb!

He was as weak as a lamb and  white as a ghost when he picked his balls and his bible up off the floor and headed out the door!


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