Teaching Fun

phone sex line cleo1I am not big on the younger ones but when a friend of mine called and asked if I could sit with her class while she took some time to go vote today I figured what the hell. She gave me an assignment for them that she thought would keep them busy until she returned. What she didn’t count on was the lines at the voting polls.
Assignments were done and the Indians were getting restless. I had to think on my feet
In her desk drawer she had several fruits and vegis that she kept for snacks. I decided to play a game with the class.
I would hold a fruit or vegetable behind my back and they had to guess what it was by my description.
Holding the first one behind my back I began.
“It’s long and yellow, you have to peel it before you eat it…”
Hands were up and the “I know’s” were resounding.
I picked a cute little girl named Mary.
Standing up she said, “It’s a banana!”
I showed the class.
“No it’s a squash. But you sure were thinking hard about what it could be. Good job! Let’s try another one.”
Again my hands were behind my back.
“It’s round and red and has seeds….”
Hands were flying and the class was ready to answer.
I picked a young freckle faced boy named James.
“It’s an apple!”
“No it’s a tomato, but good job James, you sure thought that one out!”
About this time a boy with the twinkle of mischief in his eyes said he had something for everyone to guess at.
I let him come to the front of the class and try to stump his class mates.
Pushing his hand deep into his pocket he said “It’s long and hard, it has a head and can be called a tool.”
My mind went to the gutter, my pussy got wet as hell. Yet I had to tell him not to be naughty and to sit down.
Pulling his hand out of his pocket he smiled at me with a twinkle in his eye.
“No lady it isn’t bad, it’s a nail. But you sure was thinking hard about what it could be Miss!”
I think I am taking this boy home with me….

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