Teaching A Young One

trailer trash whoreThis young one looked so sexy from her budding little nubs on her chest all the way to the just rounding bottom. I couldn’t wait to teach her what to do to your cock to please you. As she tentatively started licking your cock and barely taking the head into her mouth, I couldn’t help myself. I had to grab her by the back of the head and start shoving her down your shaft. Listening to her begin to gag got me even hornier because I knew you could feel her throat contracting around your cock.  I can imagine how you are feeling as your cock wedges itself in her young throat.

taboo phone sexAs I begin to undress her, I am ready to prepare her little pussy for your cock. My tongue goes to her sweet honeypot, licking deep and helping her to get wet for the intrusion of your cock. As you bend her at the waist and prepare to plunge in that tight little pussy from behind, I lay down in front of her and push her face down to my pussy. I love feeling that young tongue lapping away at my cunt as you fuck her from behind.

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