Teacher’s Pet

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I have always been the smartest tool in the shed. Especially in my class. My teacher always took a liking to me. I figured I could get some extra credit by showing him I liked him to. I pretended to fail a test so he would keep me after school to take the test again. I was pleased to know it was only me and him in the class room that day after school. He said Althea you are a very smart young lady. I know you failed this test on purpose. My question to you is why? I look down at the floor and then back to him. Well I looked at his dick print and reached for it. At first he was hesitant and pushed my hand away. He said Althea I am going to ask you to leave I can not accept this type of behavior, At least that’s what came out of his mouth bu his dick was hard as a rock. So I quickly pulled it out before he could say another word and entered his warm hard cock into my mouth. I began to suck. I sucked very slowly. He must have felt so good because he grabbed the back of my head and began to guide my throat. You can hear the grunts and moans. My black pussy was so wet knowing I was pleasing him. Next thing I knew he bust a nice load in my mouth that filled my cheeks up. I looked like a chipmunk. He assumed I was going to spit it out. I swallowed that sweet cum like the black whore bitch that I am. Every since then I have been hooked on the taste of cum. I want you to bust in my mouth just like my teacher. I promise to swallow every last drop!

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