Taste My Cream

creampie slut

It’s your dirty white trash slut Cindy again. Fuck me so hard with that giant fucking cock! Ooh I’m so desperate to feel it pounding away in my whore cunt. I am a constant squirter, and just thinking about choking on your big fucking cock is making me cream. Do you want to see my panties soaked all up with my cream? Do you want to suck on them? I can mail you a pair of my creamy panties and you can smell them and suck them and sleep with them on your face. You can wear them if you want to! But what I want is to feel your fucking cock splitting me up wider and wider until I beg you to stop, but you don’t. Let’s get so nasty together during our live phone sex session. If you want to you can be my panty slave. I want to cream and squirt all over your face and tongue Daddy. Please oh please cum for me. Cum wherever you want to Daddy. Fill my tight gash, cum on or inside of my ass, in my hair, on my big juicy tits, on my face, or in my mouth. You ready?

Cum in my ass
Cum in my gash
Taste my cream
Make me scream
Xoxo Cindy

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