Tamsin’s New Pet

Trailer trash whore

When you call to set up you appointment, I let you know that Mistress Tamsin has a new pet for you to play with. She is a dirty little blonde junkie whore straight from the trailer park. This little coke whore is more than willing to do anything for the next line of blow. I told you that I already know she is good at eating pussy, but I need to find out how well she can suck a dick before I start pimping her out.  I have a collar on her when you arrive and I lead her around. I make her get down on her hands and knees. I have her lay her head down on my feet so that her ass is in the air. I reach over and pull her ass cheeks apart to show you her tight puckered ass and hot wet pussy. I can tell by the bulge in your pants that me putting my pet on display has made your big thick cock hard. I walk over to you and unzip your pants releasing your hard throbbing cock. I sprinkle some cock down the shaft of your great big cock. I lead my pet over and tell her to start sucking. She licks and sucks every inch of your hard throbbing cock making sure to get every last drop of white powder. The tenaciousness of her deepthroat blowjob causes you to blow your hot creamy man chowder all over her mouth. She starts to swallow your hot jizz only to be surprised as you wash it all down for her with a warm fizzy golden shower.

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