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Druggy Phone Sex Whore Bobbie Gives Out Party Favors, White Nose Candy Anyone?

Druggy phone sexI love doing drugs and having wild sex so of course I am obsessed with Druggy phone sex. It’s the best way to live life, you know? Nothing else compares to the rush of getting high and fucking like animals. I’m not just talking about sex either, I’m talking about getting my slut holes rammed with cock until I’m completely filled up with cum.

When I’m high on cocaine or meth, my inhibitions are gone. I don’t care who sees me or what they think. All that matters is getting my fix and finding someone to fuck. My mind is consumed with lust and all I can think about is getting my pussy eaten and my ass pounded.

I’ll do anything to get off when I’m high. I’ve had sex in public places, in cars, on the beach… you name it. And the more people watching, the better. It’s like a drug itself, the thrill of being seen and knowing that everyone wants a piece of me.

My slut holes are always ready for action. I’ve had so much practice taking cock that I can fit almost anything in there. I’ve had dildos the size of my forearm shoved up my pussy and my ass, and it still wasn’t enough. I need the real thing, hard and thick.

When I find someone who can really fuck me good, I let them have at it. I’ll scream and moan and beg for more as they pound into me. I love the feeling of being completely filled up with cock, like I’m being split in two. And when they cum inside me, it’s the best feeling in the world.

I don’t care if it’s my brother or my best friend or a complete stranger, as long as they can give me what I need. I’ll take their cum like it’s the most precious liquid in the world. And then I’ll go find someone else to fuck and do it all over again.

Life is short, and I intend to live it to the fullest. So if you’re looking for someone to help you get high and fucked senseless, give me a call. I’m always down for a good