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Decorate With Pornaments

phone sex line evonneNo self respecting whore would do the normal nativity scene and all the holiday hoopla shit that every one else does. I found the greatest ornament to hang from my tree at a place called Pornaments. Every ornament is naughty and wicked and oh so whorish. Inside each ornament I placed a piece of paper with a naughty deed written down. I didn’t buy one single fucking present. But for every one that brings a gift to me on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, he or she can pick a Pornament off the tree and receive whatever naughty deed is inside from me. The act desn’t necassarily match the act on the Pornament so it’s a game of luck. What kind of naughty games do you like to play during the holidays? Call and let’s share…bet this little cum slut whore can out naughty you every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Bet good?