Sucked Him Dry

Big dick suckerOH MY GOD!  I ran into a hot Puerto Rican guy who was here in this small shit town visiting his cousin.  When I saw him my dick twitched and almost sprung free from it’s tuck!  He was all man! Muscles, ink, piercings, nice little silhouette in his jeans.  I was thirsty for that Latin dick.  Him and his cousin walked over to the store I was sitting outside of and he looked at me and winked.  His cousin said, “You don’t want any of that bra.  It has a dick bigger than mine.”  He looked at me again, winked and said back to his cousin, “How do you know what size cock she has?”  His cousin punched him in the arm and they went into the store laughing.

Yeah his cousin knew what size dick I have because I have sure enough fucked him with it enough.  Anyway when they came back out I said, “Hi sexy.”  He said, “Hi Miss.”  His cousin laughed and I glared at him.  He shut up real quick, I guess he was afraid that I would tell.  He said, “What’s your name?”  I told him and he said, “Do you really have a bigger dick than him?” I said, “Hell yes.”  He laughed and walked away with his cousin who gave me the finger.

Later that evening him and his cousin pulled into my drive way.  He walked up to me and said, “So, this is where you live?” I said, “No, I just like the ambiance of this shit hole place.” He laughed and him and his cousin came in.  We drank some beer then I showed him my cock.  He asked me if I knew how to use it and I said yes.  Then he asked if I ever sucked a dick.  I said, “Hell yes.”  Next thing I know we were in my bedroom sucking, fucking, grunting, and cumming.  I really hope he sticks around for the next few days, because Lord Have Mercy, he is one fine fuck boy.

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