Stripper Stories

Big dick suckerSo this old man came in to the strip club tonight and he wanted a private dance with me, so I took him into the special room where there is no camera. I had a feeling he was a old fucking perv so I wanted to use that to my advantage. I am the nastiest stripper in the whole club, and I bet he likes some nasty freaky shit. When we got in the back

I laid him down and pulled his pants down to where his boxers are showing and I hoped right on him where my ass was in his face. I bounced my naked ass right on his face and I could hear him smell my dirty sweaty asshole. I could see that dick getting harder in my face. He slid his glasses off so he could right between my ass cheeks, and I started sucking that old wrinkly cock and balls. Making sure I get those saggy balls right down my throat. 

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