stepdaddy gets to taste

cum filled cunt

My stepdad was such a disgusting pig. I couldn’t stand him, but he still found ways to get me to spread my legs for him. He would use the excuse that my car wouldn’t be allowed to leave the garage. All I had to do was make his commands happen. If he wanted me with my legs spread and allowing his girthy chicano cock to slide past my clit I’d have to let him. Sometimes all he wanted was a taste and would whisper in my ear that he couldn’t wait to give me a cum filled cunt. 

He even told me he would knock me up and take me far away. My mom had no clue that my dirty stepdad was obsessed with my pussy. All he ever did for the longest was just taste me and eat my twat. Daddy even told me he wanted to feel me up till I began to beg for his verga. i need that, cream, papi.

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