Stay High All Night Long

Druggy phone sexIf you get me high you can do anything you want to me. Cocaine is my drug. A few lines of nose candy and my legs open with ease. Cocaine turns me into a real freak. Anything you want to try we’ll do. I’ll let you have any hole you want, I’ll never tell you no. I love two things more than anything and that’s cocaine and cock. There’s nothing better than sex after doing coke. It takes fucking to a whole other level. I’m a cum guzzling slut without taboos. I love trying new things and new drugs. Let me make you happy. I’ll do all the things your wife or girlfriend won’t do. I’ll take my tongue anywhere you want it to go. Let me bounce up and down on your cock, cocaine gives me energy like the Energizer Bunny. Can we fuck and get high all day?

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