Something New For Me

Drunk girl fucking

So. Much. Sambucca.  I have to say, as I type this my fucking head is just throbbing!  I went out with Tiff last night, I think she was actually trying to kill me, she bought me so many damn shots.  When I first woke up this morning I really couldn’t remember too much.  All I knew is that the panties that I had on were not mine.  So that meant at some point I must of been naked.  I took a shower, then called Tiff.  She sounds just like I feel.

She told me that last night we went to some guy’s house with him and his buddies.  We were drinking, then we were escorted into a bedroom.  One of the guys asked if we were okay because if we didn’t want anything to happen nothing would.  You guys know me, even if I couldn’t give consent I really wouldn’t care.  Anyway, Tiff said that I started to act weird and for me that is saying something.

She told me that I started to call one of the guys, “Daddy” and started talking in this little girl voice.  What. The. Fuck.  I have never in my life had done that before.  She said that one of the guys got really into with me, he had me suck my thumb, sit on his lap, talk in baby talk, and I was just going along with it.  The other guys and her went into another room because apparently it was a little bit weird for all of them.

She said she would come in to check on me once in a while and at one point when she came into the room I was sitting in the corner because I had been bad.  That made me laugh.  I wonder what I did.  Another time she came in I was sucking his cock like mad while he stroked my hair and called me his good girl.  She knew we actually fucked because the guy was super loud.

After she hung up I was drinking my coffee.  I looked into the toaster at my reflection and started to laugh.  I have never ever been a Daddy’s girl and also I couldn’t imagine me speaking in a baby voice while I fucked “Daddy.”  Oh Sambucca you really fucked with me last night.

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