Some Fun With My Roommates Guy

dirty phone sexYou know what is missing? My lips around the head of your cock. That always gets me what I want. So, when my roommates man came by to drop a package off for her, I decided that I wanted his cock. I smiled and told him just that. He smiled unsure if I was serious, but I quickly let him know as I started unzipping his pants. I pulled that cock right out of those boxers and put my lips right around the head. I felt his dick immediately get hard as rock. I love that power, so I teased him, taking him inch by inch very slowly. Of course, I rubbed the tips of my fingers across his balls as I started fucking him with my face. I took him deep and I took him fast. He was filling my throat with his warm yummy cum within minutes. I then sucked him hard again and let him have some fun with my gorgeous body. We ended with some hot anal which left a nice size gape in my ass when we were done. I smiled as he left and told him if he ever needed me to receive his package, I would always be wide open. He turned red and I just laughed knowing that I had are little fuck fest on him and could get anything I want from him. I am a nasty little slut, aren’t I? Want to let me take care of your package too?

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