Slurpin’ that Cum.


cum guzzling slutI’m a dirty cocksucking, cum slurpin’ whore. Roll me a joint, cut me a line, or buy me a drink and I can be had. You can find me anywhere. The local dive, the trashy truckstop, or on the corner. I am always ready to be force fed a great big cock. It doesn’t even have to be clean. If it smells like last nights leftover pussy or is caked with shit, it doesn’t matter. I will suck it. I like it rough. Ram it, pull my hair, choke off my breath. The more you demean me, the wetter I get. Some girls wanna be treated like queens or little celebrities. Not me. I just want to feel the friction of the shaft and the slap of your balls against my chin as I gulp a load of jizz. I want to make you moan and cuss as your cock twitches and you hit that nut. My pleasure is knowing that I can make you feel this way. My throat opens like a snake and I can take you deep. Of course, I know you love it when you make me choke or piss right in my face. Dish it out, lover, cause it don’t bother me none.
You don’t have to please me or return the favor. Just throw a few bucks at me as you walk away. I know you’ll be back. I’m your filthy cocksucking whore and I belong to you. Use me as you please.

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