Showing my Cousin how to Blow her Husband

White Trash Phone SexMy cousin was getting married last weekend and I attended the wedding. What I didn’t know beforehand is that my cousin is a straight up virgin. She has never even handled a dick, never had her titties touched or her holes violated. Her groom on the other hand is a little man whore. I have known him for a long time as he frequents the club, I work in. The wedding went off without a hitch and she looked beautiful. We ate and drank and partied the night away. When the groom and bride left for the honeymoon suite, a few of us stayed behind in the bar lobby to continue partying. It was less than an hour later I get a call from her and she was frantic, crying hysterically. I couldn’t make out what she was saying but that she wanted me to come to her room right away. I hurried up the elevator getting more pissed off as I went, wondering if I was going to have to fuck that guy up right here and now. She let me in, and he was bitching that she was the worst cock sucker he had ever known. He said her blowjobs made his dick go soft again. Stunned I looked at her tear stained face and ask how I could help. She asked if I could give her husband a blowjob and show her how to do it. Well I have had a dick or two or twenty in my mouth and I knew what to do. I had blown her husband before too. So, I had him stand in front of me and brought her over to watch. I showed her how to rub the fat dick from the base to the tip, even put her hand in mine so she could feel it. Then I took his dick in my mouth, licking the head and slowly making my way to the base. Caught up in the moment, me and her husband started throat fucking. He grabbed my head and slammed it against his crotch while I took his dick deep in my throat bringing him to climax. She looked on in disbelief. I assured her it was easy, and I would teach her. I spent their wedding night with them, showing her how to suck dick and fuck like a pro. Talk about a white trash phone sex kind of night.

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